Tips to Help You Complete Your Outdoor Project With Heavy Equipment Rental

When you need to complete a large project in your yard, heavy equipment rentals are a great way to do so. Mini excavation and earthmoving equipment are good options as they provide specific attachments for easier work. Here are some recommendations to ensure a successful equipment rental for your outdoor landscape project. 

Determine Your Needs

When you are ready to rent your heavy equipment, make sure you plan for time to complete the project, such as over a weekend or week so you have enough time to complete it before you need to return your equipment. Then, look at what type of equipment and any attachments you will need. For example, if you need to remove underbrush along with weeds, rocks, and debris from your yard to landscape it, you can use a ticket attachment or plane grader to help you level the area and remove the debris. You can also use a bucket loader to apply new topsoil to your yard after the debris has been removed. And for a sprinkler system installation, you can use a trencher attachment to quickly dig trenches outlining the system's footprint and at the right depth for your sprinkler piping. 

It is important to build up the slope around your home's foundation, so the rented skid steer loader or Bobcat will enable you to deliver and spread soil quickly around your foundation. Then, filling in a pathway with gravel to create a gravel-paved walkway is easy to do with the power of a skid steer or Bobcat loader. This helps you to deliver, spread, and level the gravel without breaking your back with manual rake and shovel work and moving a wheelbarrow back and forth.

Look For Rental Options

There are several different options to fulfill your equipment needs when you are planning a landscaping project. Whether you need to dig a trench through your yard, level out and grade the soil, or install a gravel pavement, you can find help with the right type of heavy equipment. For example, a skid steer or Bobcat will provide you with a compact piece of equipment that will maneuver around your yard and existing buildings on your property while also giving you the power to make your work easier than if you completed it manually.

Contact a local construction equipment rental office or a home improvement center to learn about their rental options. Talk to a rental consultant about what your needs are with the project and they can point you in the right direction to renting exactly what you need. Then, if you need to have the equipment delivered, you can make arrangements for a professional delivery and pickup. Otherwise, you can haul the equipment on a provided trailer with your pickup truck. Just make sure you have a good understanding of how the equipment operates and tips for its use.