Finding A Machine Shop: 4 Questions

Your company's hydraulic equipment will need repairs periodically so that there is never a dip in your facility's production. A lot depends on your ability to select the best machine shop for these repairs. Instead of waiting until something needs repairing, you may want to seek out a shop as soon as today. You'll need to answer these questions to help you make a decision.

1-What is Your Regular Workload Like?

Every machine shop will assure you that they can repair your hydraulic machines quickly. However, you need to have some idea of how much work they do regularly to know how rapidly they could respond to an emergency on your own site. There's no perfect number of clients they should have, but if they're doing dozens of jobs a day, you need to ask how you can be sure that they're always around for your specific company when needed.

2-What Parts and Supplies Do You Have on Site?

Most hydraulic machine shops have the tools, parts and supplies to do rudimentary repairs without trouble. However, you need to ask about how quickly they get supplies they don`t have on hand, where their suppliers are located, and other relevant information. If you need equipment repaired right away, you need to know you won't be waiting for a machine shop to order parts and supplies.

3-What Other Work Can Be Done?

Machine shops can do more than repairs for hydraulic systems. If your system's temperature stays higher than you like, for example, you might be considering painting metal surfaces to help lower the temperature. Some machine shops offer painting and other services in addition to direct repairs on machines and equipment. Of particular interest may be welding and soldering work, so remember to inquire about that.

4-Can You Visit My Facility?

Even before equipment repairs are necessary, it may be important to have them monitored and assessed by machine professionals. You may seek a machine shop that will send someone out each month to observe and note the condition of your hydraulic system. They may make suggestions about ways to improve hydraulic performance or how best to maintain various machines before they require fixing.

Machine shops are important to your business. Ensure you're asking these questions, allowing answers to guide the choices you ultimately make about the shop your company shall use. Seek recommendations and feedback from others in your industry and your own managers, as well. Visit a site like for more help.