Four Services For Which You Can Hire Crane Companies

Crane companies do not exist merely to lift tons of heavy objects for you. These companies provide several other services as well. The following is an abbreviated list with descriptions of services for which you can hire a crane company.


Cranes have numerous attachments that can be affixed to the winch on the boom. Two of these attachments are designed specifically for the purpose of demolition. A metal wrecking ball is just one of the attachments. The other is a giant pounding stone which closely resembles a geometric cone with the pointed tip cut off. Both, when swung from a boom crane's long arm, can create some serious damage and are very effective demolition services.

Moving Scrap Metal

A large, flat, magnetized disk that can be attached to the end of a boom crane is very useful for moving tons of scrap metal. This crane attachment becomes magnetized with the flip of a switch, and easily picks up totaled cars and trucks, smaller bits of scrap metal and even iron construction beams like they were paper clips. You could hire a crane company and its driver to clean up the job site after you and your crew have finished construction, or you could hire the company and its driver to remove all scrap metal after a demolition.

Picking up Heavy Cylindrical Objects

If you need a crane to pick up heavy cylindrical objects, it can do that too. Yet another attachment you can request for a boom crane is "the claw." Closely resembling some of the claw grabbers in the classic arcade game where you try to grab and pick up oddly-shaped prizes, this grabbing attachment is able to pick up anything cylindrical, including large drainage pipes that are laying parallel to the ground and heavy, filled barrels. With the tight grip that "the claw" provides, the driver/operator is able to move these objects up several stories to the floor on which your crew is presently working.

Commercial Fishing

If you work as a commercial fisherman from the shoreline, then you know how heavy the nets can get when you try to pull them in by hand. Enter a boom crane, on the docks, with a hook, pulley and winch system. When the nets are ready to be pulled up and out of the water with a heavy catch in them, the hook, pulley and winch system kicks into gear with a flick of the winch switch. A giant load of tasty fish drops onto the waiting deck or into a shipping container to be sorted.