Designing Custom Storage And Protection For New Data Centers

As new companies and equipment developers discover new ways to innovate in the world of computer networking, standards may begin to shift. There are many proprietary designs that may not fit in the standard server rack, which can be a safety or security risk if you don't have an adapter or reliable workaround. If you're designing a data center with your own specifications, consider a few ways that a steel fabrication team could help.

Secure Shelving For Multiple Device Shapes

One big issue with oddly-shaped devices is keeping them safe and secure on a server rack. In some cases it may be fine to simply place a device on a shelf or on a table, but if there's a lot of cable changing, maintenance and other work happening in the data center, your device may easily fall on the floor.

You could purchase specialty server racks from the company, but not all device manufacturers are in the server management business. The few companies that handle server design may have prices that aren't a feasible investment for you, and you may end up with an entire server rack that only fits one type of device.

Instead of getting that specialized server rack, a steel fabrication team can help you design a customized series of server racks to be installed during building construction. The racks can be designed to be as large as your largest devices, mounted within a raised floor system and configured to fit neatly around any device size. 

The key point of such a versatile server rack is the shelving design. A steel fabricator team can develop a system of trays that are either cages to surround the device or a sliding set of rails that can latch onto the device.

With the latching rail system, bars on the sides of the device can be tightened to keep the device in place. Any device size smaller than your largest devices can be clamped within the tray and released as needed. Caged systems can offer better mounting and a few other benefits.

Caged Server Trays For Security

Steel fabrication professionals can build cages for your devices that mount directly onto the server rack's rail-and-shelf system. The front of the cage can have a slot to make entering commands easier, while the back utilizes precision-cut holes for ports and cable entry.

The cages assist in deterring tampering and theft and can keep the devices in place in case of accidental nudging that may send the device to the floor. As a one-size-fits-all approach, you can reduce the amount of work and maintenance needed to get devices in place and in good working order by simply sliding the devices in and out of the trays.

Locking the cage when maintenance is complete can be as easy as turning a key or as complex as requiring a combination for a lock. To discuss your options for security and protection, contact a steel fabrication team like Jackson-Cook Cranes.