Four Tips To Help With Reclaiming Materials When Demolishing Old Buildings

Sometimes, old buildings reach the end of their life and need to be demolished to make room for new buildings. These buildings are often old mills, factories and historic buildings. They may have materials in them that can be reclaimed and reused in various different projects. Before a building can be demolished, the valuable materials need to be removed. Here are some things you may want to know about reclaiming materials before demolishing old buildings:

1. Removing Exterior Finishing And Woodwork

The old brick and exterior finishing on an old building can be valuable. Sometimes, these buildings can have handcrafted materials that are hard to find. You can also get materials like brick and stone that have historic value. These materials can be used for things like historic restorations on other buildings, and provide materials that are correct for the era of the construction of a building.  

2. Saving Windows And Doors In Old Buildings

Windows and doors can also be great materials to save from an old building. These materials can be different custom sizes and are often have unique features and glass. These materials can be restored and used in all sorts of construction projects that include new and old construction. The windows can even be restored with newer energy efficient glass to make them more modern.

3. Removing Structural Steel Elements From A Building

Many old buildings have structural steel elements in them. This can include ironwork for things like stairs, as well as decorative breams and brackets. These materials need to be carefully removed from the top down. They can be recycled and used for many different construction projects, as well as be used for decoration.

4. Reclaiming Old Flooring And Interior Wood Work In Buildings

One of the most valuable materials in old buildings is old woodwork. Old timbers in industrial buildings can be reclaimed and reused for various construction projects. Often, floors and timbers are made out of local woods that may not be available today. These materials can be milled and used for things like custom wood floors, furniture and other woodworking with old growth timber.

Reclaimed construction materials can be a very valuable resource. If you have a place to store these materials, they can be sold or reused to help you save money. If you have a property with an old building that needs to be removed, contact demolition contractors, like those at Colorado Cleanup Corporation, to get help removing materials and demolishing the building.