Four Affordable DIY Projects That You Can Do With A Three-Day Weekend

There may be a lot of improvements that you want to do around your home, but sometimes, time and money can limit the possibilities. Doing things yourself can help to save your time and money. There are many services that can provide you with the tools you need to do things like pressure wash brick and other exterior features. You can even rent compressors and painting equipment to renovate your exterior, seal the deck or rejuvenate a wood fence. Here are some three-day-weekend DIY projects that are affordable and easy to do:

1. Pressure Washing Brick, Masonry And Concrete

If you want to renovate your home, it does not have to be done with expensive remodeling. You can pressure wash many building materials to make them look like new again. Pressure washing materials like brick, decking and concrete can remove years of wear and stains.

2. Painting Exterior Wood, Trim And Siding Work

Another thing that you can do to improve your home is paint the exterior. Windows and doors will need to be painted by hand, but you can quickly paint large portions of the exterior with a sprayer. You may want to rent a compressor and paint sprayer for these projects. If you want to do windows and doors with a sprayer, you will just need to tape them with masking tape. A good trick is to use newspaper to cover the glass, and use a piece of cardboard to shield around areas for over spray.

3. Staining And Sealing Wood Fences And Decks Around The Home

Staining and sealing wood materials around your home can help make them last longer. Before you do this, you may want to clean them with a pressure washer. You can also use a paint sprayer to apply the sealant on wood. You can use a roll of brown paper to protect areas when using the sprayer.

4. Backyard Privacy Improvements With Screens, Pavers And Ponds  

You may also want to add improvements to your yard with things like privacy screens, pavers and ponds. These projects may require larger equipment, but you can rent things like small backhoes for large projects. For building a privacy screen with fence materials, you may want to rent an auger to make digging holes for the posts easier.

If you have a three-day-weekend, these are some practical projects that you can do. If you are ready to start one of these projects, contact an equipment rental service to get the equipment you need to get started on your next project.