3 Types Of Conveyors That You Can Choose From

Conveyor systems don't last forever, but they will always be needed in a warehouse in order to ensure that materials are transported throughout the warehouse as efficiently as possible. When your warehouse conveyor system needs to be replaced, make sure that you explore all of your options before you commit to a system. There are three main types of conveyor systems from which you can choose:

1. Belt Conveyor

This is the best conveyor system if your product needs to be sorted by hand before it moves on. For example, many retailers will pack a variety of different objects in the same box. Employees will need to remove all of the objects that belong to a specific section and then push it down the conveyors so that all of the items of another type can be removed.

These conveyors tend to the be the most quiet because the boxes are being pushed along at a slower speed and are not constantly moving. Essentially, if you need to sort anything manually on the conveyor or if you need to keep the sound to a minimum, a belt conveyor is the best for you.

2. Gravity Conveyor

Another type of conveyor that can be used is the gravity conveyor, which utilizes gravity to force items to progress on the conveyor. These items will not stop until they reach a plateau. This is an excellent method for making sure that items that are unloaded from a truck reach the main warehouse very quickly and efficiently, since they don't have to be pushed along. Many warehouses will pair a gravity conveyor specifically for unloading with a belt conveyor that is used for manual sorting and transportation. These conveyors require the start of the conveyor to be at a higher elevation than the end of the conveyor so that boxes will continue to move.

3. Mechanical Conveyors

If you need to move objects a long way and don't have the room to make sure that they are continually travelling downwards, you will want to consider getting a mechanical conveyor, which uses mechanical means to force the objects on the conveyor to move down the line.

Mechanical conveyors are also paired with gravity conveyors. Mechanical conveyors take care of any plateaus, where gravity conveyors will take care of any sloping surfaces. This type of conveyor is best for large, long warehouses that simply need to transport all goods indiscriminately to the back of the warehouse.

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